When The Rules Don’t Apply

How my morning commute almost ruined my day

Have you ever been driving to work and noticed in the rearview mirror someone speeding up behind you driving like a maniac? Sure, we’re all in a hurry in the morning, but get a grip people!

Well, this was no ordinary person. It was a police officer. OK — he must have been pursuing someone. That’s his job, right? Wrong. He wasn’t pursuing anyone. He was just driving like an ass. After he passed me, he cut over into another lane without signaling. All stuff I would get a ticket for if I’d been in front of him. (I may have participated in a small amount of verbal road rage at that point.)

Anyway, so what? Rules don’t apply to cops. I get it. They have to deal with nasty lawbreakers everyday and I don’t. Maybe driving like a maniac is their form of stress release or just their way to feel significant and show that they can do whatever they want. Could I have gotten the plate number and called in his unruly behavior? Sure, but why? It would be for nothing.

I know the worls isn't unfair but why can't it ever be unfair in my favor?

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