How To Paint A Dog Portrait In Oil Step-By-Step

Have you seen a painting of a pet and wondered how to paint a dog portrait? If you have then today is your lucky day!

Step-By-Step, Baby…

I came across this cool website called Snapguide that helps people create step-by-step instructions. There are a variety of “how to” guides which include everything from making a cake to applying eye shadow.

How to paint a dog portrait image

It’s My First Step-By-Step Guide EVER!

I’ve wanted to find a way to share how I did my art, but really didn’t have the right tools.

I’m here to tell ya – there are TONS of ways to share information out there. I’ve checked out YouTube tutorials, which seem to require and entire studio setup these days to get noticed. I’ve been all over Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and wouldn’t you know it, they’re ALL changing their algorithms.

What’s a newbie like me supposed to do to figure all that —— out?

It’s Always Good To Get A Friend’s Advice

Last night I was searching away trying to figure out a new way to share information through this studio site. I have to admit, I was feeling a little frustrated. Fortunately, I have a friend that connects amazingly well with her audience so I asked her to review my latest post.

She told me that I needed a way to help people do what I do, which is create art. Her suggestion was to make color pages of my art, which is a great idea (I’m definitely going to do that when I figure out how.)

Her idea planted a seed in my mind to start searching for a way to share how I do what I do and voila! I found Snapguide.

How to paint a dog portrait quote

Did I Have What I Needed To Make A “How To” Guide?

This morning the wheels really started churning and I went through all of the photos that I took of recent work. I’ve been taking progression shots of my paintings and realized I had enough photos of one dog portrait to create a “How To Paint A Dog Portrait” guide.

Right ON!

But I also knew for me that photos wouldn’t be enough, so I quickly shot a few videos about materials and then started putting the guide together.

I have to say, it’s going to take me a LONG time to get used to the sound of my voice on video. Why can’t I sound like Meryl Streep or something? I’ll just have to practice to get better. At least the Snapguide site is a breeze to use!

Another Guide Is In The Works

I’m already planning what to do for my next guide but am happy to take any suggestions for what you would like to see. Check out the “How To Paint A Dog Portrait” guide below and leave a comment. I’d love to know what you think:

Check out How to Paint a Dog Portrait by Shelley Hanna on Snapguide.