A person who never made a mistake never tried something new
Are Mistakes Really Mistakes?

People tend to make the mistake that mistakes are a mistake. One of the greatest lessons a person can ever learn in their life is that a mistake can really be a starting point. It can be a catalyst for change and growth. The trick is to not allow mistakes to trigger the usual shame, blame and denial emotional patterns, but to see the mistake as an opportunity to “step up” into a new way of seeing and doing things.

Take Two

Let’s take a second look at the word “mistake”. You could essentially break it in half and transform it into the phrase “missed take”. If you were shooting a TV spot or filming a movie, you wouldn’t dream of only doing one take, unless if you’re one of those directors that find shooting in one take to be a fun challenge.

You Are The Creative Director

Doing re-takes and making changes are part of the creative process. If your life is your creation—and it is—you can’t expect to get it all right every time on the first take. That would be no fun at all and you’d be missing out on something that could be even better than what you had planned in the first place.