Talking about problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.
The Greatest Addiction

I’ve talked about being addicted to emotions before, but this quote made me stop and think about our everyday conversations and how much of those conversations are about various types of problems.

A typical conversation will involve comparing notes on minor issues and the inevitable one-upping of “my problem is a little worse than your problem” sort of thing. I’m sure you’ve never done this, but I know a lot of people who do and I’ve certainly been a card carrying member of the Complainers Club.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t engage in a little complaining to blow off some steam, but just be aware of how much of your daily conversations take on a negative slant.

We only have so much time to share ourselves with each other in this life so being more conscious of having conversations that light you up and increase your energy is worth putting a little effort into.

Are the conversations you’ve been having today been “joy-stealers”? If so, take note and think about something more encouraging or interesting to talk about the next time you engage with someone. By being a little more aware, your conversations will trend away from joy-stealing to joy-giving. It can be your little contribution to bringing more light into the world.